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Jayabima organic Food – We have specialized in delivery of organic food/ products, produced by local farms all around the country. We go to the markets everyday to ensure the produce we are buying is the freshest available. Whenever possible we also buy direct from the farmer which ensures they are receiving the best price for their hard work and we are receiving the best and freshest fruit and vegetables. Most of the produce is from main economic zones in our beautiful country. We avoid selling produce which has been imported and will only do so if we can get no equivalent in the Sri Lankan market. The following is a list of some of the larger Organic farms we source our produce from.

We take organic food seriously and only buy produce from farms who have received certification from the Organizations who specialized in organics in Sri Lanka. Before a farmer can start selling food labelled as ‘certified organic’, the farm must be inspected by a certifying body to ensure organic practices are being followed. Soil is tested and the farm is monitored regularly to make sure it is following regulations. Organic certification is the only guarantee to you that the produce is really organic.

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